August 2011 was a dreadful unexpected shock to us losing Koko (Fishwick Koko Kabana to Daraquist) so so suddenly and having to say goodbye the day before to Annie (Calypso Belle at Daraquist). What wonderful girls and a privilege to have owned.  Sleep well. x


"Sidney" (Wandsfell Leading Me Astray At Daraquist) was pts 24th April.  We thank Simon for allowing us to have such a wonderful boy, he adored everyone and everything and so sad to be taken at such a young age.  Miss you Sidders. x


Well he's arrived "Cider" from the Crosscroyde kennels - thank you Anne.  



D. Down Under's 2nd litter arrived, well done and good luck to the new 6 arrivals!

Crikeys 2nd RCC at SWKA well done!


JUICE aka Daraquist Not Orange was pts 29th April 2009.  She would have been 11 in August. Known famously for being our only blue for such a long while.  Juice survived an amazing operation just 2 years ago, the vets removing a tumour tucked up behind her pelvis which meant they had to break her pelvis, spaying her and then reconstruct the pelvis.  Within 4 months she was back to her normal self and running free.  Juice was such a good natured dog, so well behaved and quietly loved everyone.  She will be sorely missed.


VERNON (Crosscroyde Chief's Song) was pts on 27th December 2008.  He was probably known by more people than our Setters, he was always the first to greet anyone who visited us.  This wonderful black labrador retriever would have been 14 years old in January. He was just an amazing dog, loyal, so intelligent, babysat for puppies & kittens or whatever was poorly he would not leave their side, so kind with a heart of gold - but could be so protective too if the ocassion arose.  He is and will be irreplaceable.  Sleep well Vern.    


 SUCH SAD NEWS - but wonderful memories - 24th October 2008 pts (dob 26.2.1997)

Sh Ch Daraquist Leading Starlet (Spangle) or affectionately known by those close, as "Strangle" she was always into mischief, jump unthinkingly into fishponds, climb fences no matter what height, spend hours chasing anything that flew past her, especially in the evenings moths were a favourite.!  Such a wonderful character -a pleasure to have owned. 


Daraquist Maid in Devon (JW) and known affectionately as Creamtea finally lost her fight against a long standing condition, before which she was a bundle of fun and so michievious - always showing her handler up in the ring with her antics!  In Feb 2008 she was pts at only 5 years old with her mother - Sh Ch Daraquist Leading Starlet outliving her.  She was an outstanding example of the breed and we had such high hopes for her, but we can only be grateful for the time she was with us of which we have been very proud of her and will never forget her.